Ethical & Environmental Responsibility 

Clothing production is an important part of the work on raising status and living conditions, especially for women in the third world. However, it requires that we who purchase these services constantly demand our suppliers and drive on the development of human rights and better living conditions.

Therefore, Claire Fontayne has developed a number of ethical rules that our suppliers must follow. This means that everyone working for Claire Fontayne is guaranteed basic rights, a reasonable salary, healthy working hours and the right to vacation and sick leave.

We are banned from sexual harassment and discrimination based on race, gender, religion or ethnic background. Bodily punishment or other forms of punishment are not accepted under any circumstances.

Claire Fontayne requires a total ban on child labor. We believe that each child should be protected from being economically employed, performing work that may be dangerous or affect the child's education or be detrimental to its health and mental, mental, spiritual, moral or social development. In agreement with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we consider that you are a child until the age of 18.

Our suppliers must comply with all relevant environmental and animal welfare legislation. In addition, we encourage all suppliers to take greater environmental responsibility and safeguard animal rights than required by applicable national legislation.

To ensure that our ethical rules are followed, we make unannounced visits. If a supplier fails to comply with the rules, we will terminate the cooperation, unless clear improvements are applied quickly.

We at Claire Fontayne want to take our responsibility regarding the environmental impact of our plastic bags. Therefore, we use 50% recycled material in all our plastic bags. We would like to invite our customers to consider an extra time if they want / need a plastic bag or not when they shop with us. We also urge our customers to reuse our bags, thus reducing the consumption of plastic bags and thus reducing environmental impact.